Nestle, Scale & Spin

Moving on with my studio practice, one of my first considerations was to give much more thought to scale in relation to wearability and the body, and for this to be embedded in the design process right from the beginning of this final iteration. Simply, by mocking up some of my forms in paper, I began to get a feel for how I would develop and refine the scale. I have also started to think about repeating and layering my forms.

In the last module, I was unsuccessful in producing curved and enamelled steel, I needed to rectify this problem to move forward with my nestle designs. I attempted press forming (as this would give me independence in production), but I just couldn’t prevent the steel creasing.  So, I returned to spinning steel, the important difference was in adapting the correct nylon mandrel for the exact size of recess and in stopping raising the steel at the correct point to leave a large flat flange. Working with quite large approx. 15cm diameter discs this gave me quite a lot of flexibility in the forms I could then pierce and produce.



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